3 Common Laptop Display Problems And Their Solutions

Atibizi Mike February 14, 2014 Comments Off on 3 Common Laptop Display Problems And Their Solutions
3 Common Laptop Display Problems And Their Solutions

Irrespective of whether it has too many blown pixels or it’s damaged, a faulty laptop display usually renders the device inoperable. Assuming it is out of warranty, the only sensible thing you can do is contact professional laptop screen repair services. Without denying that you could purchase a new screen and try to fit it in yourself, take note that the laptop displays are rather expensive. Moreover, investing in a new screen would be uneconomical if your laptop is old. Following are three of the most common laptop display problems as well as how repair services tackle them.

  • Loose hinges

Frequent usage can sometimes make the hinges that hold the display in place come loose over time. While you might be tempted to try to remove the edge of tab with a sharp knife, you could damage the hinge’s cover even further. A repair service has the experience to remove the tab without leaving a single scratch. After the screws are tightened with a Phillips screwdriver of appropriate size, the tabs are inserted back into place by applying gentle pressure.

  • Split bezel

In the event that you dropped the laptop on a hard surface, then it’s advisable to check the bezel – the part of the casing surrounding the screen – for cracks and splits. If you find any, then the bezel needs to be removed from the LCD backing and repaired. While small tears can be mended with epoxy or specialty glue, larger cracks might require replacing the bezel altogether.

  • Casing gaps

Improper storage as well as wear and tear are two of the reasons why gaps can develop in the casing surrounding the display. It is recommended not to ignore these gaps because they allow dirt and other small pieces to get behind the display and cause further problems in time.

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