3 Proven Reasons Why Your Facebook Adverts Are Such an Epic Fail

Warren Brown August 13, 2014 Comments Off on 3 Proven Reasons Why Your Facebook Adverts Are Such an Epic Fail
3 Proven Reasons Why Your Facebook Adverts Are Such an Epic Fail

Okay, despite spending a small fortune on your latest Facebook paid adverts, you seem to be hitting a rather solid brick wall. Your potential customers seem happy enough to click on your advert, and you are paying for that privilege, but they just don’t seem to be digging whatever it is that your website or blog has to offer thereafter. It’s kind of like using PPC and shelling out each month for the clicks without ever seeing even a smidgeon of ROI at the other side? But fear ye not, because this clever little article will look at the top 3 reasons why this is happening to up and hopefully you can rectify your issues before it is too late!

Landing Page

Okay, your Facebook advert probably looks cool, because after all, this is why your potential customers have clicked on the damn thing in the first place. But when they arrive at your landing page, they soon lose interest. Possibly your landing page bears no resemblance to your lovely Facebook advert and as well as looking totally different, all of the cool offers in the ad seem to be either missing or totally different. You have to ensure that both entities look similar and that includes imagery as well as the copy style. As soon as they leave the Facebook page, the next image and copy that they see should look as similar as possible, it really is that simple folks! Make a list of the exact copy and ensure that the tone and details are as close as possible also, this will sit well with your clickers and they should at least spend a little time perusing the contents.

Slow Loading

Social media fans are a nice bunch, but their patience doesn’t always come at the top of their priorities. So if they are forced to wait about 10 seconds or even more to see your landing page in all of its glory, they’ll usually hit the X button. Look at your website or blog and use whatever actions you can get hold of to speed up the loading. It may mean adding a few plugins or even getting rid of some visual content. There is plenty of information online for this kind of improvement so read up on it and get your landing page loading as quickly as possible before even thinking about that next Facebook paid advert.

Too Many Form Fields

Okay, so your landing page is fine, it looks similar to your Facebook paid advert and the thing even loads quickly, but what could possibly go wrong next? Well, perhaps your visitors are now expected to fill in a contact form of sorts? And if this happens to be rather long winded, perhaps you need to narrow it down somewhat

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