4 Ways To Ensure That Your Blog is Mobile Friendly for 2014

Warren Brown May 15, 2014 Comments Off on 4 Ways To Ensure That Your Blog is Mobile Friendly for 2014
4 Ways To Ensure That Your Blog is Mobile Friendly for 2014

In case you haven’t already noticed, a large proportion of website and blog browsing is now being carried out on mobile phones. You may think that this is merely a fad that will soon disappear, but that simply is not the case. And if your website or blog are not optimised for this genre of surfing, you could well be missing out on a whole new generation of fans and customers. You may also believe that the hassle involved is simply not worth the bother, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just imagine that a potential customer has found your blog and decides to take a second look when they are out and about. But instead of finding a user friendly set of pages, they are confronted with distorted images and text running off each page. You will not only lose a possible customer here, but your brand’s image will also suffer big time. So without further ado, let’s see how you can get mobile friendly in 4 easy steps!

Google Analytics

Before you get cracking with the mobile conversion, look at your GA statistics and see exactly how many of your visitors are using a mobile in the first place. This will show you what kind of potential you may be missing out on.

Start Testing

Use your own mobile phone to check out your site and the way it performs on this device. Start looking through the pages and see where the shortfalls are, you will probably be even more motivated to make the changes thereafter.

Mobile Optimised

Okay, back in the day, you needed to have a specific mobile friendly site and a standard one as well. But these days, thanks to various template building services, you can have one site that actually does everything. Take WordPress for example, do a search on their themes and pick ones that are optimised for mobile use. There are hundreds of these bad boys on offer and you don’t have to know much about coding to get one up and running in minutes. Many of these are free and they come in all shapes and sizes. Try running up a dummy site with the same content as your old version and hit them both up on your mobile phone. You’ll be both amazed and frustrated when you see them side by side!


If you are deadest against going down the template route, you can still fix up your old website as long as it is compatible. Look around for applications and plug-ins that can be applied to your site appropriately. There are all sorts of widgets around that can be added to each page, but you’ll need a little more tech savvy to ensure that these are all applied correctly. Just imagine how cool your carnival rides Melbourne based business will look through a Nokia, iPhone, or Android based device once the hard work is done!


Mobile Yet?

We’ve given you the easy route to success, so what are you waiting for now?

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