5 Amazing VoIP Providers That Will Let You Say Goodbye To Your Traditional Landline Phone

Warren Brown August 17, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Amazing VoIP Providers That Will Let You Say Goodbye To Your Traditional Landline Phone

Now is the time to start thinking about replacing your traditional phone with a VoIP provider if you want to pick up some great deals. Take a look at some of your best options at the moment and you’ll find something you can’t say no to.


Do you have $149 burning a hole in your pocket at the moment? If you have the extra cash to spare it would be a good idea to sign up with VOIPo because for that price you’ll get 2 whole years of unlimited calls to any landlines in the US and Canada. You’ll make some huge savings if you like to use the phone a lot. It also has cool features like 3 way calling, so you’ll be able to speak to multiple friends or family members at the same time even if you’re separated by hundreds of miles.


When you sign up for AxVoice you’ll get free hardware to allow you to make calls from home, plus there is an app you can install and you’ll be able to use it from your mobile phone. The monthly plans start at $15 although you’ll be able to save more if you sign on for longer in the beginning. It has over 30 calling features and most of them will only be available through VoIP, so there is no way you’d be able to access them from your regular phone.


You’ve probably heard of magicJack because they’re one of the most popular residential VoIP providers at the moment and it does help that their call plans are practically free. You will be able to grab a deal for under $100 dollars that will last 5 years, plus if you pick up one of their USB connectors you get 6 months free. It’s also great that you won’t need to do anything with your current cordless phone because when you have the connector you can still use it to make VoIP calls.


If you look through the ITP website they’ll have a lot of calling plans and you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. They also have a great international calling plan for around $25, so if you make lots of calls abroad you could save a bucket load of cash each month. Like a few of the other providers you’ll be able to use it through a computer or phone using a dedicated app. It’s an award winning provider which makes it easy to trust they will serve you right.

Phone Power

Once you start using Phone Power you’ll automatically see your telephone bills drop by as much as 70%, which works out to be a nice chunk of change over the course of a year. You will also be able to keep your own phone number, so you don’t have to go to the hassle of letting everyone know your number has changed. People will also be able to call your VoIP number to reach you on your smartphone too once you’ve installed the app.

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