5 Best Facebook Pages To Learn About African Fashion

Warren Brown September 24, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Best Facebook Pages To Learn About African Fashion
5 Best Facebook Pages To Learn About African Fashion

The African fashion scene is booming as we speak and has successfully taken the world by storm with its exciting and visually appealing collections. You can feel the power of its growing presence in almost any media platform and some examples are magazines, online blogs, websites and famous social media platforms like Facebook. The impressive talents of a new generation of African fashion designers have gained a reputable status on international catwalks and their work of arts is something not to be missed! If you are new to African fashion and would like to learn more, below are 5 of the best Facebook pages that are dedicated to the movement of the aforementioned.

Fashion Gana Magazine

This page is created as the forefront of the magazine’s social media way to get in touch with their supporters who want to receive the latest content through not-so-lengthy posts. Their updates are accompanied with vibrant and intriguing photos so readers will not get bored with just words. This online editorial magazine has its content supplied by a capable team of journalists from various African countries. You can expect the latest updates on up and coming models, fashion events as well as the greatest talents who now reside in the big league!

African Prints in Fashion

Read the thoughts of a fashion blogger who is Ghanaian-German and is currently living in fashion forward Brooklyn, New York. You get to find out what are the latest African-inspired trends and if the trends would last through the test of time – helps you to differentiate from passing fads. Also, you can gain inspiration from the various showcases of Africa’s designers as well as read interesting interviews in a light-hearted and casual manner.

African Fashion Wear

Ever wondered how an outfit looks like if it should be worn by someone who is real, rather than just mannequins and other inanimate objects? This page is the right page to press the ‘Like’ button! The photos that are shared on this page are well thought of as the models have adequate makeup on, wearing a complete outfit and portray a certain look. If you fear words and would prefer to learn from pictures instead, you can be sure that this page gives you what you want.

African Fashion

This page showcases the artistic and fashionable side of Africa you never knew existed. They have a simple goal and that is to present Africa’s fashion scene well in public eye. Africa has their very own homegrown stylists, photographers, models and designers – that puts them on par with the rest of the world! Make sure that the above name is entered as lower cases in your Facebook search.

Africa Fashion Week New York

Ever desired to be kept in the loop about the happenings of a prestigious annual fashion event? Africa Fashion Week New York’s Facebook page showcases highlights from their past events for fashion enthusiasts to learn and take notes. This extravagant event is held over several days and is an ideal setting for networking with related industries and sponsors to take place – you can learn from it who the important people in the fashion industry are. And of course, this page allows you to show your support and raise awareness for African fashion!

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