5 Facebook Pages That Truck Lovers Should Follow

Warren Brown May 15, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Facebook Pages That Truck Lovers Should Follow
5 Facebook Pages That Truck Lovers Should Follow

Do you love trucks and adore a rugged ride? Well, on Facebook, there are a number of pages wherein truck lovers from all over the world meet. Do you want to share your love for trucks with other people as well? Here are some of the best pages you might want to follow on this giant social media community:

Truck Lovers

One of the best Facebook pages that you should follow if you are a truck lover is the page “Truck Lovers”. It is a community of more than five thousand followers. Its page description is “feel the power of big engines”. Sure enough, you would definitely feel the power of big engines as awesome photos of trucks are being posted almost every day. Volvo trucks, Scania trucks, Actros trucks and other popular trucks are featured here. Even modified trucks, especially the ones that feature amazing paint jobs, are featured. And what is interesting is that a lot of its followers are contributing photos of their favorite trucks as well.

Big Bad Trucks

The trucking industry is one of the biggest industries in North America. It is no surprise why pages such as Big Bad Trucks, are getting a huge following. This page has more than thirteen thousand likes. This page is very much alive since followers are very active in commenting on whatever is posted on the feed of the page. There are also a lot of followers who ‘share’ the posts that are featured on the feed. And of course, one of the probable reasons why this page has gained a huge number of followers is that not only does it feature big, beautiful trucks but beautiful women as well.

Semi Truck Lover

If you love trucks but you have a special interests for semi trucks in particular, you would love to follow the page, Semi Truck Lover. Just a few more likes and it would be able to have four thousand followers. It posts not only photos but also videos that semi truck lovers would love to check out. There are a lot of videos that feature the driving skills of expert semi truck drivers and these are probably the highlights of this page. At times, there are even posts about semi-trucks being sold for discounted rates.

Volvo Trucks

Volvo is without a doubt one of the most prominent names in the trucking industry. It is known for high quality vehicles offered at very affordable rates. Well, if you love trucks, then you might want to consider following the official Facebook page of Volvo trucks. More than three hundred Facebook users have followed it already. What can you expect from the official Facebook page of Volvo Trucks? – Volvo Trucks, of course. Aside from photos of Volvo trucks in various locations, Volvo video commercials are featured as well.

Ford Trucks

Another page any truck lover you should follow is Ford Trucks. It is has been verified as the official page for Ford trucks and it has more than twenty-five thousand followers. A lot of followers are very active in posting their own photos of Ford trucks in the page. It is a good thing that the page administrators respond to these followers in a timely manner. If you follow this page, you might want to post photos of your Ford truck, if you have one!

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