6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

Atibizi Mike December 26, 2017 Comments Off on 6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone
6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

2017 has witnessed the release of some of the finest smartphone models. With the increasing competition among various South East Asian companies to rule over the mobile industry especially in India, Asia Pacific as well as the western world- we’ve been presented with the smartphone redefining class, looks, and UI. Starting from incorporating the latest OS, the manufacturers are more into upgrading the CPU, storage, and the camera efficiency of the phones. Some of the finest examples of mid-budget phones that have been launched in the latter half of this year are the Honor 9i, Vivo v7 plus, Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, Moto X, Oppo f5 and so on.

If by the end of this year you’re planning to buy a new smartphone, do consider a couple of things—

Understand your requirements first

Before selecting any phone, you should understand your requirements first. If you have been using iPhone for all these years then switching to Android can be a bold step from your side. Make sure you’re not going to use the same OS on any other phone than an iPhone.

Android offers more options

The Android by Google, on the other hand, can give you the opportunity to choose any of the phones from any manufacturer apart from Apple. You have more hardware flexibilities by choosing the Android-based smartphones. The best part is Android features immediate software updates.

Check the specifics

Today’s smartphone users are more concerned about the overall specification of phones such as CPU, built, camera, additional features, internet connectivity, storage etc before purchasing it. You should also follow their footsteps to get hold of the phone with high-end features within the budget you want.

Check the websites

Check out the websites offering complete reviews of the latest models. Some of them also compare the specifications which become easier for buyers like you. Also, visit the websites of the concerned companies to check the product specifications.

Look for the special feature

You should also find out those special features you want in your new phone. For example, if you’re fascinated in clicking selfies, you should definitely go for the Oppo F series or that of the Honor 9i, the brand designed the latest phones for the selfie lovers only. Though this feature is overshadowing the other features but phones in this range i.e. INR 19000 are offering outstanding features starting from the super-efficient camera and advanced octa-core processor for improving the performance of the phone.

Consider the size

The 5.5 inch sized phones are best for one hand users while the gamers should go for 6-inch and above AMOLED technology display phones.

All you want is the best smartphone for the money you’re investing.

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