Android vs iOS: Which is better for Mobile Application Development

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Android vs iOS: Which is better for Mobile Application Development

Android and iOS are operating systems used mostly in mobile phones and tables like how Windows was used in Personal computers. As Android is based mostly on Linux and open source, whereas iOS is almost a closed door operating system, that doesn’t offer many customizable options as provide in Android. Because of this flexibility and other features that are not present in iOS, has made Android as one of the most popular and used mobile platforms among most of the Android App Development Services companies.

Let’s look at the major differences between Android and iOS and analyse why most of the Android App Development Services chose Android over iOS:


Android was started on September 23, 2008 where-as iOS was released initially on July 29, 2007.


Android has been developed in the open source platform, whereas iOS is completely closed with no access to its source code and no modifications can be made to it.


Android allows a lot of customization options like changing the phone wallpaper, changing themes etc. whereas in iOS you can change the theme only if your iPhone is jailbroken.

Media Transfer:

Mostly all Android Phones allow much easier and safe way to transfer media to other phones whereas in iOS, you can only share photos or media with the desktop application available.


In Android smart phone models, the messages App used is the Google Handouts where as in iOS iMessage, you can transfer files only through a desktop application available in APPLE.

App Store:

Both Android and iOS have a lot of Apps for free and commercial. The Android Apps build by android app development services companies are distributed in Google Play as well as in Amazon and Getjar.


Android supports the usage of widgets but whereas in iOS only supports in Notification Center


The Maps feature in Android uses the native Google Maps, whereas iOS uses its own Apple Maps feature for direction and maps.

Voice Commands:

iOS uses Siri, a brilliant voice command feature that is far more advanced and easy to use than the Google Now voice command feature in Android.

Call Features:

In Android the call features supported is only Auto Respond, whereas in iOS they support call-back reminder and DND (Do not disturb) along with the Auto Respond feature.


Android app development services companies can create applications in 32 languages whereas iOS developers and companies can create apps in 34 languages.

Supported Devices:

Android supports a lot of devices and that’s the main reason that android is the most popular smartphone platform as it supports almost every other famous mobile companies like LG, Samsung, Motorola, Google, Sony, Asus, HTC and many more whereas iOS is supported only in iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Market Share:

Since Android holds around 81% of market share of all the smartphones in the world, the android app development services only target the android platform to develop exciting and amazing high end applications. iOS holds around 14% of the market share.

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