Booking the Right Kind of Meeting Room

Atibizi Mike August 18, 2015 Comments Off on Booking the Right Kind of Meeting Room
Booking the Right Kind of Meeting Room

When it comes to business, meetings are an integral part of the process. Not only do meetings allow members of staff to communicate their ideas and opinions, but they can also be used to highlight the benefits of a business to a potential customer. In this regard, it’s vital that the right kind of meeting room is booked.

Consider the Size of the Meeting

Evidently the size of the meeting room will need to be consistent with the number of people attending. If in doubt, why not input all the details of the proposed meeting date along with its numbers into a room booking system, as this will allow you to keep a steady record of how many meetings are upcoming, and how many will be attending. Attendees should be able to fit into the meeting room without feeling too compact.

Ensure the Meeting Room Is Of a Good Standard

Whether it’s a meeting to boost staff moral or a meeting with potential clients, it’s important that meeting room sets the tone for the meeting. Booking a room that is too dark or in need of decoration won’t allow for the feeling of ease you’re looking for.

Ensure the meeting room is well maintained with a good level of lighting. You can record details of the meeting rooms that need maintenance carrying out, and ensure these rooms aren’t booked via the company’s room booking system.

Consider Whether the Meeting Will Require Catering

Some meetings can go on longer than others, in some instances, meetings can be an all-day event. In this regard, it’s important to document as to whether any food or refreshments will be required for the meeting. If catering is required, simply record the details into the room booking system, and consider whether you will be hiring an outside caterer, or whether it’s something that’s included when booking an external meeting room.

Always Check for Double Bookings

While most people are as careful as they can be when booking meeting rooms, there are communication breakdowns that can occur which results in the double booking of a meeting room. The easiest way to avoid this is to have a sturdy room booking system in place. Double checking the bookings before the date means that if there are any double bookings, a resolution can be found sooner rather than later.

Consider the Privacy of the Attendees

Some meetings require a little more privacy than others, so it’s always worth noting such information into the room booking system so a suitable meeting room can be found. Those requiring a little more privacy may want to be kept away from busy traffic areas, and not have themselves displayed to an office full of people.

Overall, booking a meeting room can be as easy or as difficult as you like, it’s really down to how the booking of rooms is managed. Always record as much information as possible into the room booking system, so everyone is fully aware of what the meeting entails.

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