Four Uses for You Old MacBook

Atibizi Mike December 14, 2015 Comments Off on Four Uses for You Old MacBook
Four Uses for You Old MacBook

Nobody likes to throw away something as beautiful as an old MacBook. In addition, you paid a lot for it, so it makes sense to get as much use out of it as possible. Read on for some great ideas to help you to repurpose your old Apple laptop.

Turn it into a home theatre PC

Most old MacBooks are powerful enough to be turned into great home theatre centres. You can use them to store movies and box sets or to watch content via Netflix, which you can stream to your TV.

Use it as a backup PC

Having a spare laptop is always useful. You can also use it to backup important data from your regular MacBook.

As a secondary screen

Often, a second screen is useful. To use and old MacBook in this way you just need to install a piece of software and follow the instructions.

Help others

Old Apple laptops make fantastic gifts. If you do not have a PC, an old one is very welcome.

Charities are always looking for spare laptops, so you could give it away to an organisation like that.

Another alternative is to keep it, leave it on, and allow research teams to use your PC to help them to solve important issues. A great example is the Folding@home project, which is using the processing power of home computers to help them to complete important research into serious diseases, like cancer.

Getting your MacBook repaired

If your MacBook is broken, go online and lookup computer repair Weston, Florida. There is a great firm based there that specialises in fixing Apple products. The fact that they repair so many units means that this company is able to keep its prices super low, and they offer this service to anyone living in the United States.

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