How to Effectively Guest Blog

Atibizi Mike May 8, 2015 Comments Off on How to Effectively Guest Blog
How to Effectively Guest Blog

Guest blogging is probably the most appropriate way to promote your blog over the web. Posting guest posts on high traffic respected websites can truly increase targeted traffic to your own blog. However, the majority of bloggers often fail to get the full benefits of guest blogging. This can be due to the fact that they don’t put enough efforts when writing their guest posts. Furthermore, offering guest blogging services can provide more profit than article directory submission as you target to build a certain community and have real blog subscribers. Below are some essential steps which will help you get the most out of your guest blogging.

Guest Blog in your Niche

Perhaps you own a blog which deals with blogging tips. You then should try to look for a trusted blog under such niche which accepts guest blogging. After finding one, post quality article in such blog as you target the same niche. With this, your chances of getting your guest post published will be doubled. When the post is published, you can expect to have thousands of targeted readers to your own blog.

Write Targeted Keywords in your Posts

Adding targeted keywords in your post must be made at the right places of your post. But remember that adding keywords does not mean stuffing keywords because this is a big spam. You can add just 2-3 related keywords or key phrases in your guest post. This is helpful in getting a great amount of search traffic to your post and in turn brings in traffic to your blog or site. Additionally, consider optimizing the guest post so it keeps obtaining traffic from search engine and it will be known to a wider audience.

Never Write a Post to Promote your Own Blog

At the start of the guest blogging journey, a lot of bloggers attempt to promote their blog or site in their posts. This is truly annoying. The blog’s author is likely to reject your post and permanently ban you from his site or blog. Thus, it is better to focus on writing unique and high quality conent so you continuously get traffic through your backlinks.

Share to Make the Public Know about your Post

After getting approved and published, your post must be shared to various social bookmarking sites and social networks and social networks. This will impress the author of the blog while bringing instant traffic to your blog. If you tend to write a timeless guest post, you need to promote it in regular interval. Try to give awareness to your followers of your posts for famous blogs so the credibility increases.


Join in Commenting

Take part in commenting and replaying to comments made on your blog post. This can increase your reputation in the eyes of the commenter. Also, when the author knows that you are doing your best to make the post better, he might approve your next guest post without delay. Moreover, by giving replies to comments, you tend to drive more ways to obtain traffic to your site.

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