How To Pick a Killer WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Warren Brown May 27, 2014 Comments Off on How To Pick a Killer WordPress Theme For Your Blog
How To Pick a Killer WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Back in the day, designing a theme for your blog was pretty tricky work, but that has since changed. Mainly thanks to WordPress, we can now browse through hundreds of themes until we find one that floats our boat. But do you really know exactly how to select the perfect theme for your new or old blog? You see, there is a little more thought that needs to go into this selection than you may realise. Of course, the theme you like looks absolutely fabulous, but can it cope with your other requirements? Some of the free WordPress themes are fairly limited and the support is practically non-existent. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can choose the best theme that will tick all of your blog related boxes.


Okay, you probably know that a large percentage of web surfers are using their wonderful smartphones nowadays. So if your theme is not responsive, you could be missing out on an awful amount of visitors. Check this out yourself by dialling in your blog address on your own smartphone and see how the site measures up. Because if you are finding that the text is running off the page and the images are kind of blurry, your readers aren’t going to hang around for a second look.


When you are looking at the various WordPress themes out there, check out how often they have been downloaded already. You see, if a particular theme has been used ten times more often than another one that you rather like, the chances are that it will be pretty common. So if you want a theme that stands out when compared to the typical offering, perhaps you should take a chance on the lesser downloaded model.


Most of us like to tweak with our blogs from time to time, and this never really changes. So before you spend time and money on your new theme, ensure that it is up to the job. A well supported theme should have a ‘Theme Options’ tab that allows easy editing of the CSS files. If your coding skills are less than decent, choose a theme that has a user friendly ‘appearance’ settings option.


Your chosen theme may look the business, but ask yourself how easy is it to read the contents? Because these are still the bones of your blog and no end of stylish gimmicks can ever be considered before an easy to read and concise set of copy. Try adding some new content to your chosen thee and see how easy it is to both access and digest the copy. If you are struggling to do either, bin the theme and go for something else instead. The whole point of having a blog is for people to be able to tune in and enjoy your words. If you are promoting an it support toronto based firm, but nobody can even read your posts, you may as well not bother in the first place.

All Clear?

We’ve offered you 4 very cool ways to ensure that your new WordPress theme really rocks, so get out there and find the perfect one for you!

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