How to Select and Buy the Best GPS Tracking System for Your Fleets

Atibizi Mike August 18, 2014 Comments Off on How to Select and Buy the Best GPS Tracking System for Your Fleets
How to Select and Buy the Best GPS Tracking System for Your Fleets

Installing GPS tracking is the best way to keep a track of your vehicles. Choosing the perfect and suitable type of device can be quite challenging. When you shop for these devices, you will come across variety of products that are featured with numerous advantages and also with variety of traits, which will put you in a state of confusion, while deciding which one to buy.

There are many criteria to be considered before planning to buy and install a GPS tracking device to the vehicles. Here is a simple guide to help you in selecting the best type of the device for your fleet.

Regular Time Interval for the Data Update

There are basically two different categories of GPS devices available for the data update into your PCs, such as ‘Passive’ and ‘Real-Time’. The type of devices can be used to obtain complete data regarding vehicle speed and stops, route taken, time duration between the stops, and so on.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System: – The device work on wireless network system allows the owner to track and locate their vehicles, at that particular time. The packing and moving companies usually use these devices to keep a live track of the current whereabouts of their fleet.


The system is also designed with some additional features such as, sending alerts about the log in and logoff time of the drivers, speeding alerts and also the ability to track and locate any nearby fleets belonging to the same company.

  • Passive Tracking System: – The device also works on wireless network system and is the best suggested for these companies that doesn’t keep the live tracking of their fleet.


The data that are stored and downloaded into these systems will be directly sent or uploaded into your working system, once or twice a day. You can easily download the data belonging to required time duration, since the data will never be lost once uploaded.

Update of the Data that are most important in a Business

About the Speed and Behaviour of the Driver

Some important data include knowing about the driving behaviour of the drivers, such as speeding, log in and logoff timings, and so on and can be easily tracked with the help of GPS tracking devices. The main motto of the companies is to keep a track on the overall gas consumption by that particular vehicle, accident prevention, preventing deterioration of the vehicles.

Monitoring Diagnostics of the Vehicles

The information about the diagnostics of the vehicle is very important. The GPS fleet tracking system alarms you, every time the vehicles experience any minor damage, so as to help you act fast and get it repaired and prevent the damages in the future, which can consume more time, energy and money to repair them.

The GPS tracking devices offer both manual upload and wireless upload system so as to help you download any required data from any fleet at any time with just a few clicks. With the help of such devices, the owner can easily access the overall idle-time reports, excess speed data, after hour report and stop detail report of any fleet.

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