How to Start a Flourishing Career as a Good SAP Consultant

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How to Start a Flourishing Career as a Good SAP Consultant

Before you actually ponder on how to become SAP certified, you must often think about why to start a career as a SAP consultant. You must be aware that starting a career in SAP is not a cakewalk. It is a continuous effort and hard work. However, once you get in to the thick of things, you would be aptly rewarded.

Why start a career as SAP Consultant?

The foremost, you should understand that SAP has more than 100,000 corporate customers globally. It is also pertinent to mention here that being a SAP consultant has been one of the most respected business software in the world. As a result, SAP has been continuously growing with increasing demand for trained SAP professionals globally. Moreover, there have been increasing opportunities for newcomers in the arena. The various opportunities existing worldwide offer you with a chance to travel and work all over the world.

The second reason for choosing a career as a SAP consultant would be to enjoy one of the highest paid jobs in the industry. There would not be any better reason than that.

How to become a SAP consultant

There are four entry points in making of a successful SAP consultant.

Transforming from accounting or administration position

The common entry path into making a career as a SAP consultant would be transformation of people into SAP consulting from an Administration or Accounting position. The process has been that of natural progression in the business arena, as knowledge of business administration has been deemed essential for having a flourishing career as a SAP consultant. An accountant would be a highly trained person encompassing requisite business and computer skills. The accountant would have already worked with financial software to make the transformation an easy task. As a result, accountants are known to make good functional consultants who face clients on regular basis. They would be effectively communicating with various clients and comprehend with their requirements for effective functional business.

From careers in programming or business analysis

The second entry point into SAP consultants would be from careers in programming or business analysis. People having knowledge in these fields are likely to focus in technical arena of one or more SAP modules. It might also be inclusive of ABAP programming. They would be able to make the most of programming and configuring the reports and screens of SAP in order to customize different systems as per the needs of the clients.

Through career in human resources

Third entry point into SAP consulting would be through career in human resources. Since the HR module has been a renowned implemented SAP module, it offers a plethora of career opportunities for people encompassing human resources skills. They would be able to specialize in SAP HR consulting.

Through career in software training

The fourth and final common entry point into SAP consulting has been through career in software training or career in help desk. Most SAP consultants train a group of key business users as a common implementation training strategy. As a result, key business users with the assistance of SAP consultants, create user manuals in order to train various system users into using SAP and performing regular job functions.

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