It’s Party Time in the NFL

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It’s Party Time in the NFL

When the New England Patriots regained the Championship in American football there were more than 100 million American viewers tuned in to watch it live. People from other parts of the world have become fans of the game and have taken up the American tradition of hosting parties for their family and friends. It is not always hot dogs and burgers with canned beer elsewhere in the world. Viewers in Europe will be watching from midnight their time; those in the Far East and Australia will already be up on Monday morning when beer may not be appropriate.

Time zones and even climate have an impact on the regular season. While good weather can be virtually guaranteed in Florida – some stadia have roofs so that the games can be played indoors whatever the weather outside. Some games in the northern states of the USA are open to the elements; that is real home advantage.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is hosted in a different part of the country each year. The game is extremely valuable to whichever city hosts it. There is obviously no chance of a late hotel booking and bars and restaurants are full. Those who cannot get a precious ticket to actually attend will find extensive television coverage of this special event. Those wanting to add to the excitement of the occasion will also find the chance of betting on sports on websites that cover most of the world’s major sports.


On a regular basis such websites offer incentives to take part in specific events. It may be a bonus to match the stake a person bets on the game. It may even involve a souvenir of the game. Anything signed by stars such as Tom Brady would obviously be a valuable piece of sports memorabilia.

Following from Abroad

Even though efforts have been made to run a professional competition in Europe, American football has found the competition provided by other sports, such as soccer, too difficult to overcome. That being said, those Europeans introduced to the game back in the 80s when televised games first began have their favourite teams over in the USA. The most famous names, and often the most valuable players, are the quarter backs who find their role pivotal within the game. Their tactical expertise and throwing ability generally decide the winners. They get the protection of the huge men in front of them but the opposition always has equally big men looking to penetrate the defensive line and put pressure on the quarter back. When the season finishes at the end of January everyone deserves a rest. Pre season in the summer will come soon enough. In the meantime, there are other sports to enjoy and bet upon until the season opens again in the autumn.

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