LEO Privacy Guard Review for your Perusal

Atibizi Mike October 30, 2015 Comments Off on LEO Privacy Guard Review for your Perusal
LEO Privacy Guard Review for your Perusal

The introduction of technology has made people strongly attached to their smart phones. You would hardly see a person not associated with his or her phone at all times. They have been so engrossed in their phones that they tend to forget what is going around them. However, you would be required to keep a close watch on people around you who might try to pry on your privacy. You phone is your personal property. You would do loads of stuff on your phone. As a result, you would be required to keep your phone secure with you at all times.

However, when your family members or your friends ask for your phone, you would be hesitant for your personal stuff would be accessible by them. You may not be able to refuse them all the time for fear of your personal stuff been viewed by them. You might resort to other means of protecting your stuff such as keeping your messages, videos and pictures on cloud service etc. However, you would not be entirely satisfied with it, as you need to assure about being not logged into your account at all times. You must often wonder, whether there has been any simpler method to protect your personal stuff in your phone.

The LEOMASTER has been a dedicated service provider since its inception in 2014. The company has designed state of the art LEO Privacy Guard for the people concerned about their mobile phone privacy. This has been an app management tool, which would cater to your app protection needs along with taking care of your phone in the best manner possible. There have been four major features that make this app management tool best among the other available tools online. The four features are applock, memory booster, hide gallery and back up.


Applock feature enables you to lock your functional application on the phone with a tap on the screen. The app has been designed to cater to cater to your privacy needs in just a mere touch of the screen. The feature would close all the chatting applications, messages, Facebook and Twitter account instantly. It would safeguard your privacy from probing eyes.

Memory Booster

The memory booster feature, as the name suggests, would be able to enhance your phone memory by cleaning the unwanted processes. The feature has been designed to provide additional space in the mobile phone by utilizing the space occupied by useless processes.

Hide Gallery

The Hide Gallery feature has been an important feature in this app management tool. The feature would hide the selected images and videos in your gallery. As a result, the probing eyes of another person snooping in your phone would not be able to view your personal stuff.

Back Up

The backup feature has been designed to uninstall the unused apps and processes. The feature would ensure that your important applications have been stored and secured in your external memory card.

The LEO Privacy Guard review would enable you to make the most of your mobile phone without the fear of your privacy being invaded by others. The review LEO Privacy Guard would give a comprehensive knowledge on the various benefits offered by this unique app management tool.


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