More Efficient Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website through Videos

Atibizi Mike April 23, 2015 Comments Off on More Efficient Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website through Videos
More Efficient Ways to Drive Traffic to a Website through Videos

Videos can get you to drive huge traffic to a website. You can use video sharing platforms to post video content and get the viewers you want, which you can then drive further to your pages.

YouTube is set to have 3 billion views each day and is the third most visited website on the planet, after Google and Facebook. Any marketer needs to know the potential of this platform. Still, it’s not enough to “just be” on YouTube. You need a strategy.

Treat Your Videos Like… Website Articles

Have you ever watched a tutorial on YouTube? Whether it was about how to make your hair look healthier, how to sew a patch or how to install electric heating, you agree it offered practical information that loads of people wanted to know. Why won’t you do the same then? According to the industry you are in, create videos that teach, educate and reveal. People will thank you for that. Find what you are good at and then explain it to the world.

Find Out What People Share

It’s simple to do this: simply have a look at the most popular videos on the platform you are interested in. This will reveal what kind of content viewers react to. Usually, it’s got a humorous and spontaneous style. For more precision, look for videos in your niche. Thus you’ll see how other have succeeded in creating viral video content that represents the specific industry you are interested in. These observations are helpful in learning how to use video for social marketing.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Once you got the attention of viewers, you have to inspire them further. No matter what kind of videos you choose to post in the end, you must not forget to include a call to action eventually. Without this, your video marketing campaigns become sterile and don’t generate much of a revenue in the end. Tell people to visit your website for more and thus you accomplish the traffic-driving goal. Give them a link to click. URLs can be added to video description boxes as well, not only to the video itself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell People What to Do

Let’s get back to the tutorials we talked about. The individuals speaking or acting in these videos are not shy about telling people what to do and how to do it. In fact, this is their role and you can always assume this role too, if you have a particular skill or knowledge. You may take this further and keep the same attitude for your call to action. Be compelling and communicate clearly what they are supposed to do next.

There are more benefits to marketing a business through videos. Note that when you post on YouTube, Google indexes each video. This means that your content gets found via the search engine, which translates to more exposure and incoming traffic.

Don’t forget to share your videos on all social networks you’re present on: Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc., to maximize their success.

Author Bio : Lionel Thomsen is a video marketing passionate who is constantly observing what makes businesses successful on the various social networks.

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