Sail through your driving test with our five tips

Atibizi Mike November 10, 2014 Comments Off on Sail through your driving test with our five tips
Sail through your driving test with our five tips

Driving tests are designed to be challenging. If they weren’t the roads would be a much more dangerous place. Motorists may wonder how certain drivers passed their test, but the chances are bad habits have kicked in after they were awarded their certificate.

Whilst the day itself will be nervy and tough, it’s not impossible. Many students fly though their driving test with no minors. However, there are also those who can’t relax on the day and let nerves get the better of them. According to the Daily Mail, the average driving school has a pass rate of less than 50%.

Tip No.1: Get as much experience as you can

Driving is all about gaining experience. Every time you take a seat in the driver’s side you’ll face different conditions and a range of situations. This is how you improve and adapt as a competent driver. Of course, you will make some mistakes to begin with, but the more experience you gain the stronger your skillset will become. With that said though, The Telegraph reports in 2011 how 300 students took their driving test for the 10th time. From these, just 88 passed.

Tip No.2: Practice the test route

If you’re from a small town or city, your local driving school will often use similar routes for all of its pupils. These are tried and tested to ensure drivers are faced with a number of differing scenarios. Try to learn these routes and practice how you would deal with the changing conditions.

 No.3: Know your manoeuvres inside out

One of the biggest challenges on your driving test will be correctly performing a manoeuvre. This is where many young drivers fall down, so you need to make sure you’re proficient.

Tip No.4: Keep calm under the pressure

Jardine Motors estimate there to be over 30 million vehicles on British roads. What does this mean? That many before you have passed their test. An essential tip for your own test is to keep calm under the pressure. If you make a mistake, don’t panic. It may not be as serious as you think and you could still pass with correct driving for the rest of the test.

Tip No.5: It’s not just your driving

When you step into a car there are many different things you need to know and it’s not just your driving skills that’ll be tested. Ensure you are accustomed with all the road signs you’re likely to come across, whilst also learning the ‘show me tell me’ section. This includes knowing where the oil, coolant and screen wash is and how to top up the levels.

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