Save Your Pebble Time With A Scratch-Proof Wrap

Atibizi Mike August 26, 2015 Comments Off on Save Your Pebble Time With A Scratch-Proof Wrap
Save Your Pebble Time With A Scratch-Proof Wrap

If you have a Pebble Time, then you know it’s much more than justa watch. It’s an amazing opportunity to have hundreds of apps, your incoming calls, and texts right at your wrist without feeling like you’re wearing a clunky piece of technology. The Pebble Time connects you to the people and things that you love, so why would you let it sit on your wrist unprotected?

Without something protecting your smartwatch, you’re likely to damage it and lose some (or all) of its good looks and excellent performance. You need something that will defend against scratches, dents, and even grime build-up at the buttons; you need something that will protect against whatever life throws at your smartwatch. Let’s imagine for a second, you’re white water rafting. Although your Time is waterproof, it’s not safe from your best-friend who thinks it’s funny to tip your raft. Into the river you go, and in the blink of an eye, your Pebble Time has scraped againstjagged rocks in the river and the edges are now marred with scratches. In this scenario, had you been wearing something like a Pebble Time skin (or wrap) on your smartwatch, you wouldn’t be leaving the river mad at your friend.

Worry less with Pebble Time wraps because it protects from this type of damage, so now you are fully covered to live as freely as you want with your new technology in hand or on your wrist. A wrap is much preferable to something like a case that can do the same job. Your Time is meant to look cool, and a clunky plastic box over it will only ruin its sleek design. Using skins allows you to customize your smartwatch and mix and match to fit your style or mood of the day without adding bulk or weight to your wrist. In addition, skins are much less invasive and a ton more comfortable.

When you are looking to purchase a skin for your device there are some important factors you must consider. The best way to find a Pebble Time wrap is to make sure it fits like a glove, its price is reasonable, and the store you get it from has a customer-friendly policy in case you need to return it. The skins from dbrand meet all of these considerations – and then some. By using only the best 3M vinyl, they create a skin that is at once durable and lightweight. You can apply it easily to the face and buttons of your Time without messy residues or overhanging pieces because the vinyl has been cut with precision. And because 3M vinyl is so versatile, it can be personalized to have the look of various true textures, like red carbon fibre or sophisticated zebra wood.

Just like you carefully chose each and every app for your Pebble Time, you can go over the best options for protection. Pick the skin that will most likely protect your Time from getting scratched or dinged while you’re out and about – even if that means while you’re white water rafting. A Pebble Time is an amazing piece of technology that you need to protect and what better way to do that than with a skin.

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