Should Your Outsource Guest Posting Needs?

Atibizi Mike April 1, 2015 Comments Off on Should Your Outsource Guest Posting Needs?
Should Your Outsource Guest Posting Needs?

Forget those endless debates where you are told that guest posting is dead, because if you go by what search engine optimization experts are following, you will find that the tool is very much in use. For starters, guest posting is basically a tool used for writing blogs for other websites, which are usually in the same industry and niche, and the intention is to get backlinks and quality traffic.

While all of these things seem easy in writing, guest posting needs quite a bit of understanding of the market, and finding the right websites for posting is very important. So, can do the task on your own or need to hire one of the guest blogging services around? Here are some pointers that tell you about both sides of the coin.

Understanding the process

Guest posting begins with understanding the niche for which you want to write. Say for example, you are company selling a particular beauty product. The best place to post the content is beauty and skincare related sites. The bigger task than finding just the niche is to find the websites that would work for your needs and can accept guest posts. For the high authority sites to accept your posts with a link to your website, the content needs to be equally good quality. While again that seems simple with plenty of writers available, you will be surprised to know that only a few writers know the art of writing guest posts.

Can your team handle it?

Clearly from the above points, you know that you need web marketing experts, researching team to find the websites and a pool of writers. If you are okay with hiring the entire team and finding the guest post experts in-house, that’s always a better idea. Keep in mind that guest posting is just a part of the big picture. There are many more things that SEO experts do, so you would also need to hire a few of these specialists.

Hiring professional teams

Guest posting can take ample time, which is why many companies are opting for getting the job done by professional companies. The services that offer writing guest posts usually charge you for the number of posts they take, and you will be given links to the work done. This is quite fair, and even the companies that can actually have their own teams are hiring these services. The prices are usually in budget, and depending on the kind of posts you need, you can choose a package. Many guest blogging services are catering to customers with full research on the niche, so even if the price is little on the higher side, there is no reason to turn away.

With endless benefits and great services, you might want to get a company to do the work of guest blogging. There is always the option of checking past work and getting references before you actually take a service. Consider your options wisely for the right benefits in the long run!


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