Take Customization Seriously with a Pebble Time Decal

Atibizi Mike August 7, 2015 Comments Off on Take Customization Seriously with a Pebble Time Decal
Take Customization Seriously with a Pebble Time Decal

Your Pebble Time can do a lot. So much so that calling it a watch seems inadequate. It lets you synch up with your smartphone so you can enjoy the convenience of checking your texts, calls, and emails without having to pull out your cell from your pocket or purse. The world is yours, depending on what cool apps you download on to it – and right at your wrist! So why would you let such an amazing piece of technology sit there, unadorned and unprotected? A smartwatch like the Pebble Time deserves to be equipped with an impressive decal.

It’s unlikely that your smartphone is without some sort of covering. A Pebble Time is subject to even more abuse than your phone would be, as it’s exposed, on your wrist, all day. As you run to squeeze into the car before the subway doors close, you can easily scrape the face against the metal railing; you can accidentally press the navigation buttons to scroll your timeline without knowing you still have some garlic sauce on them from lunchtime’s shwarma. Life can be rough on technology, especially when you don’t protect it properly.

A Pebble Time decal (or skin) is an easy way to protect your smartwatch and keep it looking good. Its material is a thin layer of vinyl that acts as a barrier between your watch and anything that can cause scratches, dents, and a build-up of grime from ruining the look and function of your Time. Only the best decals are made with a 3M vinyl that provides superior fit and protection.

A Pebble Time decal does so much more than just protect; it’s just like the smartwatch itself, as it wears a couple of hats at one time. Your decal is an amazing fashion accessory that gives you the option of changing up your smartwatch’s look. The vinyl can be manipulated to create stylish, interesting skins that you can interchange according to your mood and event. You should head on over to dbrand’s website to see how easily you can create a unique combination of colour and texture on their build-a-skin feature. When you get Pebble skins from dbrand, not only can you get a variety of great looking decals, but their skins are precision-cut 3M vinyl. This means your smartwatch’s exact dimensions are covered by an easily removable material – in case you want to switch up your look!

When you rely on your Pebble Time to do so much more than just tell you the time, you can’t afford to leave it uncovered. You need to protect and personalize your smartwatch, so that every day that it sits on your wrists, it looks great and keeps clear of damage.

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