TinyOwl App Review – A Personalized Experience

Atibizi Mike October 1, 2015 Comments Off on TinyOwl App Review – A Personalized Experience
TinyOwl App Review – A Personalized Experience

Remember the last time when you had to skip your lunch just because you live pretty much away from home and you didn’t find enough time to go out and grab a bite because you had a very important presentation lined up for the evening? This might not happen with you, if some online food app existed through which you could simply place your order online without having to worry how your food would reach you.

Well, your wishes have been granted especially if you live in cities of Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Mumbai. Placing your food order online has become so easy and quick that you don’t need to think twice before you decide what you want to eat. It not only saves time but also gives you endless options to explore. Because this is the tech age, so your food order should also be techy!

Easy and Simple

TinyOwl app is a very easy to use application with a convenient interface and endless features that can make your app experience not only great but worth it. You will wish to come back for using the app over and over again. So, now you don’t have to worry about learning to operate an application before using it because TinyOwl app is a pretty easy and convenient online food app that helps you to place your food order online.

Location Detector

There are always times when you have a slow internet connection and placing an order takes a lot of time as it involves a lot of activities such as entering the address, making the payment, etc. However, TinyOwl application is solves all your problems in just one go as it has the capability to detect your location. TinyOwl detects your location on its own and you don’t have to manually enter your address and find whether food delivery is available in your area or not. TinyOwl detects your location on its own and informs you about the same.

Save Details

TinyOwl saves your debit card and credit card details to ensure faster and quicker placing of the order. You don’t have to spend your time entering the debit/ credit card details every time you place an order. This feature comes handy especially when you have to place your food order every day because I am sure if you start ordering food from TinyOwl once, you wouldn’t want to stop ordering again.

Coupons and Offers

TinyOwl app offers you a lot of coupons and exclusive offers which pop up on the screen. The coupons are available if you place an order for a minimum bill of INR 200. Various offers from nearest eating joints and restaurants are available depending on the kind of purchase you make.

Ample Options

TinyOwl gives you a lot of options in terms of restaurants and eating joints and their menus are presented at your disposal and you are saved from the headache of calling a restaurant and asking them about the kind of food they serve. It saves you from all the hassle and makes things pretty much easy for you.

You can also search restaurants in the app as per the food you want to eat by typing the name of the cuisine you want to eat or you can also search by the name of the restaurant that you want to eat from.

Final Words

TinyOwl is not only an app but an experience that has made lives easier for people especially the ones who live away from their homes or the ones who can’t manage to cook food at all times. The food ordering experience is personalized and convenient. TinyOwl has managed to capture markets with its exceptional performance.

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