Top 5 BlackBerry Apps For Keeping Track Of Your Health

Warren Brown August 13, 2014 Comments Off on Top 5 BlackBerry Apps For Keeping Track Of Your Health

If you are concerned about being healthy and keeping fit and you happen to own a Blackberry phone, then there is a lot that you can do with the wide variety of apps that are offered in the Blackberry stores. Mobile phone app developers have been on the forefront in publishing awesome utility apps, which can almost help you do anything. Hence, below are some of the Blackberry apps that are necessary for any health and fitness conscious person that owns this niche of mobile phones.


MyFitnessPal has to be the easiest to use and the fastest calorie counter that is available in the Blackberry stores. With a database of over 1,700,000 foods and their calorie counter, this app has definitely set the bar for any other fitness app. This app is inclusive of around 350 exercises, which track cardio training as well as strength training. A user can easily set their intended goals and easily tailor them too their needs.


If you are looking for a simple way to use fitness app with a great UI and interface, then Sportrate is the best app for you to go for. This application not only incorporate tons of activities for the user, but also a GPS tracking feature that enables you to record your progress throughout your regime. Be ready and willing to part with a few dollars to get the full version of the application. But if you are committed to get down to business, then it is worth every single cent.


Coming next in my list has to be Endomondo. With slightly above 20 million users and still counting, Endomondo is definitely getting it right. Like Sportrate, this handy fitness app has incorporated a GPS capability to track on your progress, but has even gone further to offer a website where you can easily track your progress, by simply reading graphs, charts and maps.

hether you are running or walking this intricate app will give you an audio feedback of the mile/KMs you have covered. Even though the free version has been coupled with adverts, you can purchase a pro version on their stores and say goodbye to the ads.

Fitness Pro

If you are into weight training, then you would never find another folk like Pro Fitness. With over 300 hundred muscle exercises, which are categorized from chest, legs, back, shoulders and so on, you can never go wrong with this app. Moreover, if you are embarking on your workout routine after a break or you are simply new to the gym, this would be a great companion to introduce you to weight lighting and training.


Here is another GPS tracking application for all the fitness fanatics who own the Blackberry. This will not break anyone’s bank account. For just less than four bucks, you will get tons of exercises that range from jogging, running, and driving, all the way to light lifting. Moreover, if you are serious about keeping fit and healthy and own a Heart Rate Monitor, it can be connected to the Smartphone easily via Bluetooth capability.

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