Top Advantages of Proxy Servers You Just Cannot Ignore

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Top Advantages of Proxy Servers You Just Cannot Ignore

There are a number of advantages of proxy servers that you just won’t be able to ignore once you know about it. The common users can use the proxy to access restricted sites and content on the internet and the network administrators can use the proxy to restrict the access of different sites in their network. The proxies can also be used to enhance the speed of the online connection, because the proxy servers caches the web data of the target sites, which allows better speed in comparison to when the users are trying to connect to the site or content online directly. You can buy proxy  or can use free proxy services, but buying proxies is a much better option as the paid services are always better.

Top advantages that people get from using proxy servers are –

  • Proxy servers come between the computer and the requests, making it nearly impossible for the server to identify the online activities. When a person browses a website, the server will receive traffic from the proxy rather than your personal IP address. This not just prevents someone from tracking your cookies, but also restricts malware from affecting your computer.
  • Proxy servers allow people to overcome any geographical content restrictions. For instance, since internet users in China cannot use Facebook and Google Docs as they are banned by the government, the proxy servers can easily allow them to use these websites.


  • Proxy servers lead to performance enhancements of the internet connection as it uses cache files and compress files to increase the bandwidth. These are most useful where the internet connection is shared by a number of people or the internet connection is very slow.

It has become imperative for many active online users to use proxies these days to safeguard their personal and professional information. The proxy has many benefits, and one of the major reasons why most of the people use proxies is to hide their IP address and access banned or restricted sites to retrieve the information. The proxies are also used widely to enhance the security related to the web browsing experience, as many negative elements online attack the vulnerable online users and steal their personal and professional information easily for different malicious reasons. However, with the help of proxy server, such aims of the hackers can never be accomplished.

Author Bio – Ben Atkins is a noted tech consultant and has worked with any cyber security firms. He believes that proxies can be used for a wide range of uses, and has also written many articles on it on his blog to inform web audience about it.

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