What to Know about SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor

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What to Know about SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor

Network performance monitor (NPM) is part of the web-based product line of SolarWinds Orion. It is a mature, completely featured alerting and monitoring system which offers fundamental SNMP monitoring. They are add-on modules that offer options aimed at servicing big networks.

The tools makes use of internet control message protocol pin requests for the collection of response-time information and basic connectivity as well as extra information through the use of SNMP queries and Cisco IOS NetFlow. Also, network performance monitor is capable of getting Syslog output and SNMP traps meant for error alerting and detection. NPM licensing is per monitored interface. The product showcases modular pricing to allow buyers to get just the needed features. Add-on modules allow Orion NPM monitor NetFlow devices, VoIP networks and wireless appliances. Also, it allows NPM to monitor more devices as the network grows.

Components of NPM

Standard NPM installations are made to monitor and manage as much as 1,000 nodes effectively. Users can monitor bigger networks through other SolarWinds products. This tool runs on Windows Server 2003, utilizing Microsoft IIS for the network performance monitor web console. On the server, it sets up 8 SolarWinds services. Network performance monitor includes a couple of UIs.

  • System Manager– This is the conventional interface to configure NPM. Currently, the Orion Web Console becomes the main interface to monitor and manager network as well as node status. However, it does support some activities yet like alert configuration and network discovery.
  • Start menu– This includes nearly a couple of dozen other support programs which allow users to customize their NPM installation.
  • Custom Attributes– Allows users to choose and group network devices for reporting and management. A custom attribute can be made to group nodes, volumes or interfaces and define it in order to contain text, numeric, time/date data. Values can be assigned by importing a spreadsheet that has data or manually. The account-management elements of the NPM allow users to make custom NPM user accounts and restrict their abilities.
  • Alerting System– This feature is flexible, powerful and easy to use. Network performance monitor can generate alerts if an event takes place or if a monitored node, volume or interface value passes a threshold. The technology supports 13 alert actions that include a standard complements of script program automatic execution if a certain event takes place, notification options and an escalation sequence in case an alert is not recognized within a specified time period. Alert notifications can be defined based on day of the week and time of the day as well as specify other conditions for suppressing an alert. In case the situation which triggered the alert does not exist anymore or when other conditions take place, NPM is expected t automatically resets the alert and then do other actions specified.


Network performance monitor features other nuggets like support to poll custom SNMP Management Information Bases. While the versatility and full feature set of the NPM demonstrate its product maturity, the new web UI version 9 can still be improved. Users will find themselves moving between the web UI for the majority of the routine tasks and the System Manager GUI, its related utilities and customization projects. Whether you are look for basic SNMP network performance monitoring or network application monitors and diagnostic tools, consider .

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